Emergency Repairs For Frozen Outside AC Condenser in Bascom

An evaporator coil, a group of copper tubes, freezes when the refrigerant flowing through the tubes gets too cold, triggering the moisture in the surrounding air to freeze. So what causes the refrigerant to obtain too cold? Normally, it’s one of two things, low airflow over the evaporator coil or low amounts of refrigerant.

And it is normal for the whole coil to be covered in a white frost, even light ice, during certain weather conditions. It is not normal for the whole system to be encased in ice; including the top of the system and the withins of the coil for a prolonged period of time.

Home Cooling System Freeze Ups in Bascom Florida 32423

Now that you have a fundamental concept of how your air conditioner utilizes expansion and compression to heat and cool its Freon, you can find out why your central air conditioning conditioner is icing up. Your ac system can freeze up for a variety of reasons, so we will discuss them from the most typical to a few of the more unusual reasons for ice up.

If you presume a leak, get in touch with a professional HVAC business as quickly as possible. Let a certified technician determine and fix the A/C issue prior to it triggers any other headaches.

32423: Thermostat Repairs

Your thermostat works with your Air Conditioning by frequently checking the temperature and controlling how difficult the Air Conditioner has to work to keep the building a constant temperature. If a broken thermostat senses the wrong temperature level, or controls the Air Conditioner poorly, it could trigger the system to run too long and wear the system. You might think this if you have problem keeping your structure at a constant temperature level, or if it runs too cold.

Frozen Home AC Repairs Bascom 32423

While a frozen ac system can be brought on by various things and may need the expertise of a qualified HVAC service technician to repair, there are some things that you can try yourself first. Check the vent filters to see if they are obstructed and limiting air flow. Filthy filters can cause an air conditioning system to freeze. If they look filthy or discolored, alter them and see if that fixes the problem.

Bascom, Florida 32423

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Bascom 118 40 58750 30.92797 -85.11854 624917 850
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Zip codes in Bascom: 32423

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