Emergency Repairs For Frozen Outside AC Condenser in Dover

An evaporator coil, a group of copper tubes, freezes when the refrigerant streaming through the tubes gets too cold, causing the moisture in the surrounding air to freeze. So what causes the refrigerant to obtain too cold? Normally, it’s one of 2 things, low airflow over the evaporator coil or low quantities of refrigerant.

Heat pumps can ice-up during the winter season time. And it is typical for the whole coil to be covered in a white frost, even light ice, during certain weather. It is not regular for the whole unit to be framed in ice; including the top of the system and the withins of the coil for an extended period of time. This shows an issue and must be addressed rapidly to save energy and prevent major damage to the equipment.

Home Cooling System Freeze Ups in Dover Florida 33527

Now that you have a basic concept of how your a/c unit utilizes expansion and compression to heat and cool its Freon, you can find out why your central air conditioning conditioner is icing up. Your air conditioner can freeze up for a variety of reasons, so we will discuss them from the most typical to some of the more uncommon reasons for ice up.

If you presume a leakage, call an expert HVAC company as quickly as possible. Let a certified professional determine and fix the A/C issue prior to it triggers other headaches.

33527: Thermostat Repairs

Your thermostat deals with your Air Conditioner by regularly checking the temperature level and managing how difficult the Air Conditioner needs to work to keep the developing a consistent temperature. If a broken thermostat senses the incorrect temperature, or manages the A/C incorrectly, it could cause the unit to run too long and wear out the system. You may suspect this if you have trouble keeping your building at a constant temperature level, or if it runs too cold.

Frozen Home AC Repairs Dover 33527

While a frozen air conditioner can be caused by different things and may need the proficiency of a certified HVAC specialist to repair, there are some things that you can try yourself. Dirty filters can cause an air conditioning system to freeze.

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